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RT Minced Chicken & Tripe (lamb)mix Raw Treat Pet Food 500g

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500g Frozen pack
Chicken & Tripe: 12mm Minced up Chicken and Best lamb tripe in the approximate ratio of 10% bone, 10% offal and 80% muscle meat. Welsh Suppliers. In leak proof packaging.
This is a smelly product even when frozen, so have your nose pegs at the ready!
typical analysis
protein 15.5%
crude oils and fats 15.7%
crude ash 2.6%
crude fibre 0.2%
moisture content 65%
abp plant number 55/276/8563/abp/ptf
Processed and Packaged in the UK. Not intended for human consumption.
Note ref Raw Treat brand minces
Please note the manufacturer of Raw Treat minces has re-formulated some of their minces.
This has resulted in larger and more prominent bone pieces in some of the minces. This may not be suitable for all animals, especially smaller ones. It seems to be more prevalent, but not restricted to, the red meats

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